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5 Ways You Know It IS Time To Repaint Your Home

The exterior paint is the first and foremost layer of protection for your house. It can protect your home from weather & insects. The exterior of your home will need certain degree of maintenance to keep it in best possible shape

 When is the right time to repaint? Below are signs that will let you know when it is time for exterior painting. 

1.Peeling Paint

You need to take action when the paint of your home starts to peel off. The peeling paint of your house is a warning sign. The sun and rain affects exterior paint.

This sort of damage does not fix itself. In fact, as long as your home is exposed to moisture and the sun’s heat, it’s just going to continue to get worse. . The fresh coat of paint will make sure that the exterior of your home is not at risk with water.

2.Spider Web Cracks

Spider cracks are usually comes just before the paint officially starts to peel. and soon you will finding old paint flakes around your home.

3.Color Fading

Fading in painting terms is for the loss of color. Faded paint is one of the most significant signs that indicate that your home exterior needs to repaint After you’ve had the paint on your home for a while, you may notice the color beginning to fade. Repainting your home will even out the color.

4.Paint Chalking(powdering)

 The term ‘chalking’ refers to the formation of a white, chalky powder on the surface of the paint film. It’s a significant sign which also indicates that your home needs to repaint. Paint chalking often occurs as the paint weathers and the binder is slowly degraded by sunshine and moisture, releasing the binder’s hold on the pigment.

5.Dirty patches/Water Stains

Water stains will leave your home’s exterior looking unbalanced and uneven. If you get a dirty patch on the surface of your home that you cannot clean, then it is time to repaint your house.

What to do next???

Every home is different. So you will find different suggestions when it comes to the exterior painting of your home.  It’s time to call the professionals at Advanced Home DFW!

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